Tuesday, October 26, 2010

General Rejection: Pitango Gelato


Pitango Gelato serves something closer to colored ice.  I recently tried two flavors, and it was the worst gelato I've ever tasted.  "Unremarkable" would be too kind a description.  So would "flavored ice."  The base gelato had painfully little flavor.  I couldn't even taste milk.  One of the flavors I tried had some flecks of chocolate, and those tiny elements provided the only texture and flavor beyond ice.  A sign in the shop asserts that you're about to taste the "best gelato."  It isn't even the best gelato within walking distance. 

That said, Pitango will continue to thrive in Logan Circle, mostly for reasons beyond the gelato.  It's open late, unlike many DC dessert places that close before the usual dessert time.  It's near bars and other restaurants.  It has outdoor seating.  It serves cold sugar and fat in bowls.  These attributes make Pitango a nice spot for after-dinner or pre-bar relaxing and people watching.  Just appreciate it for what it has to offer: something completely different from the "best gelato."  If you're looking for great or even decent gelato, skip it.  We'll post reviews of gelato places we like soon.

1451 P St. NW, Washington, DC 20005
(202) 332-8877      

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