Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brasserie Beck: Carrot cake muffins with cream cheese filling


Brasserie Beck turned a muffin into a serious dessert. The muffin is lightly toasted and served warm, so a slightly crunchy layer covers the warm, moist cake. The first time I tried these muffins, a squeeze of sweet cream cheese filling spread out a bit around the muffin top, and poked about an inch into the core. The whole thing was topped off with a splash of powdered sugar. The interplay of the crunchy shell and nearly gooey inner muffin, with the decadent touch of cream cheese is excellent, and carrot cake isn't even one of my favorites.

Muffins usually suffer from a massive decrease in quality between the top and bottom, but this muffin's delightful core will draw you to start at the bottom. The first time I tried these, I would have preferred the cream cheese filling to extend through more of the muffin's depth. However, I went back the next day, in large part for more muffins, and Brasserie Beck corrected that. The restaurant now inserts the cream cheese from the bottom of the muffin. The picture is of the earlier version, where the filling was inserted from above and erupted over the top. That’s the only change. These muffins deserve a divine rating. If you don’t like carrot cake, you should try them anyway. If you like carrot cake, it is your destiny to know these muffins.

1101 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20005
(202) 408-1717

Google map and reviews (4/5)

Washingtonian (2/4; 2010 Best Restaurants Rank: 80, unranked in 2011)

Washington Post (Critic: 2.5/4; Readers: 1.5/4)

Washington Times

Yelp (4/5)

Brasserie Beck on Urbanspoon

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