Sunday, December 5, 2010

La Tasca: Flan de Huevo


La Tasca is an international chain of Spanish tapas restaurants with four locations in the DC area.  On a recent Saturday, I went to the Rockville branch with a number of friends, which enabled us to accrue a large amount of dishes from the tasting menus.  Food seemingly came out in droves over the course of the evening.  There were several very good meat options, as well as a great calamari dish, however, basic faire is not why anyone is reading this particular blog, so I digress. 

At the time, the tastings came a dessert option, in which every ten dollars spent yielded a free dessert.  This allowed our big group to sample a lot of different options.  In fact, we chose with DCDesserts in mind, and grabbed everything possible.  This is the first of eight reviews of La Tasca’s desserts.

The flan de heuvo is a vanilla-bean flan with fresh strawberries and whipped cream.  Obviously, if there were one dessert that a Spanish restaurant does well, it would be this one.  However, my novice palate in terms of Spanish-style desserts, especially flan, hinders my ability to give an accurate account of this particular dish.  It’s not typically something I order, but a co-patron at my table, an avid flan consumer, said he was very impressed. Hopefully that helps!

141 Gibbs Street #305
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 279-7011

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